Jing Shi began her artistic career in Beijing after graduating college with a degree in Fashion Design.  After college, Jing developed her own successful line of women’s clothing. Jing moved to the United States in the late 1990’s where she started several of her own businesses, foregoing her passion for fashion and art until the last several years. In 2011, Jing re-ignited her artistic passion by doing Traditional Chinese Water Colors and sketching.  She furthered this passion by taking up oil painting and photography. Jing’s family is well known in China for creating Traditional Chinese Water Color Art for years.  Jing’s sister, Ling is a Full-Professor of Art at Beijing University and her father Hong Shi has created great Chinese Water Color drawings and paintings for years.  Jing presents her father’s work in her shows and studio on occasion. Jing’s goal is to introduce beautiful Traditional Chinese Water Color Art to the public along with various other types of Asian Art types including Calligraphy; photography; and oils.